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Better Looking Shutters

Aluminium Shutters


First and foremost, Aluminium Security Shutters offer a stylish and aesthetically pleasing window treatment without compromising on security. Just like all other materials in our range, these shutters are custom made and tailored to meet your requirements because each window or door is unique.

They are the strongest option of shutter material we have in our range and are known for their iron fisted secure nature. This shutter is made from a powder coated, marine grade, aluminium material fitted with patented, strip proof Italian locks. This allows for users to lock the panels in place with reliable sturdiness that is resistant to both nosey and active burglars. This all makes them the absolute best choice for those who are feeling security conscious.

The range itself can be used in any room in the house to really give you peace of mind short of having security cameras and an armed escort. All without having to sacrifice on style as it’s available in Silk White and custom colour match available too if you’re really looking to make them your own.

With this new material comes the added stylistic bonus that they can be fitted to the exterior of a home to give you that classic Australian style you’ve always wanted. The panels themselves have the same appearance and flexibility of the rest of our range of materials.

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